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About Miranda

          Miranda Davis is an illustrator based in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Her work has been featured in the 2021 Sustainable Lehigh Valley Booklet.  During her sophomore year in East Stroudsburg University, she began her exploration into the editorial world. Her love of storytelling influenced her career in the editorial art world. Her work reaches deeply into the struggles and dreams of a black woman in a predominantly white institution.  

          From her love of Ghibli movies, Miranda began her journey into the editorial industry. With Hayao Miyazaki’s influential work, she learned to be a part of the change one seeks in the world. Due to the lack of representation in the media, she took on the responsibility of featuring black women throughout her work. From honest commentary to amusing illustrations, her paintings center around the feminine black experience. Her mission is to provide the world with vulnerable and honest illustrations of the black perspective.

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